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Breakdown of the Home-Buying Process

It is in your best interest to have buyer representation during the home-buying process, because it doesn’t cost you anything and will protect you from making costly mistakes. The Hunt Team is committed to ensuring your home-buying experience is exceptional and they way we do that is by educating you so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Here is our simplified explanation of the home-buying process (we will discuss in detail at our first meeting):

  1. Meet with a Mortgage Broker and get Pre-Approved.
  2. Create your Dream Home Wishlist.
  3. Look at houses (and find your dream home).
  4. Preparing and submit a (winning) offer.
  5. Conduct Inspections & Appraisals.
  6. Prepare for Closing.
  7. I just bought a home, now what?


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