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In Memory of Charles McMillan

Tonight I lost a very good friend. He is in a better place and free of pain, for that I am grateful. Not having him in my life to call and chat, to gripe and complain to him and with him about life’s little problems, to laugh about absolutely nothing and to glow with pride in sharing stories about Emily Bibby will create a void that will never be filled. I loved Charles and we talked about being “family”, that is a personal story we laughed about often. Charles McMillan was one of the greatest men I ever had the pleasure to know. He is with God’s Angel Team now and I am sure he is telling them, with grace and fortitude, just how he wants things….and now that can be shrimp cocktail if he wants! I loved this man and it will take some time to process this loss. Rest in Peace my dear friend, I will never forget.

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